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San Rafael, CA
license# 214005033

  Quality Childcare in a Loving Home


Our Purpose is to help young children learn, grow, develop friendship and confidence by giving them a variety of opportunities:

  • By providing them with loving adults who know and respects their needs and abilities.
  • To exercise all parts of their bodies through play, and to get plenty of sunshine and fresh air by walking through nature. (physical growth)
  • To interact, play, and talk with other children and adults
  • To gain independence with our encouragement and guidance in a physically safe environment. (social growth)
  • To express their feelings, to love and be loved, and feel good about themselves. (emotional growth)
  • To discover new things, solve problems in games and situations, and verbally express their ideas and feelings. (mental/ cognitive growth).
  • Playing with toys
  • Imitating and pretending
  • Enjoying stories and books
  • Tasting and preparing food
  • Exploring sand and water
  • Having fun with music and movement
  • Going outdoors
  • Creativity in Art & Crafts
  • Playing with Blocks
  • Science & Math
  • Clay & Play dough
  • Puzzles & Shapes
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