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San Rafael, CA
license# 214005033

  Quality Childcare in a Loving Home


Hugs & Kisses values and promotes every child’s individual, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Children here feel respected, loved, and safe -- allowing them to explore and create with all of their senses. This enhances their learning experience and let’s them have fun, increasing their self esteem and helping them develop an authentic thirst for knowledge.
The heart of Hugs & Kisses is in giving children a chance to shine their individual light of creativity and self expression onto the world -- instead of clouding it through instruction. Each child grows and develops into a unique color in our rainbow of learning and play, through hands-on activities as well as reading. This will also give them the confidence to shine their light of friendship onto others because it’s important to build lasting friendships and see different view points -- encouraging caring, respect, problem solving, and tolerance.
At Hugs & Kisses, each child is also a unique flower that must be nurtured with enough love and affection, to give them the confidence to blossom to his or her full potential. In blossoming, we create a garden of laughter and learning, one rose-bud, at a time!

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